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Brazilian clothing wholesale. How to import Brazilian bikinis.

Importing Brazilian fashion has been a very lucrative alternative in North America and Europe.

The devaluation of the Brazilian currency against the US dollar became cheaper imports of Brazilian clothing, which has generated great demand in other countries.
However, you should consult the laws and taxes of their country as the import of Brazilian products in the fashion industry and clothing.

Now, I will present some centers located in São Paulo, as Brás, Bom Retiro and Itaim Bibi, main clothing trade regions of Brazil. People who take an interest in any Brazilian clothing or designer presented should contact the fashion agent Rita Dibrova by the WhatsApp +55 11 95486-7845 , and she will inform you how to buy these clothes.


Known internationally, Brás is one of the largest centers of world trade in clothing. There you can buy from extremely cheap clothes, even more sophisticated to luxury boutiques.

Shopping Mega Polo Moda

Located in the Brás area, Shopping Mega Polo Moda is the largest wholesale mall in Latin America, where you find clothes of all segments.